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Mold Remediation Atlanta

Welcome to Mold Remediation Atlanta. Something that not many know about is mold! Did you know that it can make you feel sick? Like you have some kind of common cold, but that it just never ends! Or that it makes you feel like you have allergies. Well we are here to make a healthy happy place for you!

Our company is a big one to know about and to make sure you have the number of! We are able to help benefit your home life and make it a safe place. Just a few services our Atlanta Mold Removal provides are mold tests, mold specialists, mold clean up, mold removal obviously and even some more things that we will touch on later.

About Mold Removal Atlanta

Our company is big on customer service, but not just any customer service but giving the best we are able to at all times and to give what we have to offer. We are huge on keeping honesty at the table with our customers. To let them know how small or large their problem may be.

We don’t like keeping our customers in the unknown of what’s going on and how the mold came to be. We like to keep our work fast paced as well. No slowing down! We like to keep everything in tip top shape and everything going as smooth as possible, so we don’t like losing momentum.

Our company is very popular with the public.That’s not only because of how we treat them, but because of how we treat the situation and keeping our products up to date and new so they get the best. We don’t want to be behind the times ever and be lagging especially in that area.

It’s important for when a product improves that the companies follow suit and don’t fall behind. Customers also love our service because it doesn’t normally take us longer than an hour or two to respond to their call and to report to them quickly to put the solution in process for their problem.

Why Choose Atlanta Mold Removal

Our customers choose us time and time again and refer us to their friends because we don’t let them down! We are very thorough with our work and inspect the entire house of mold damage, water damage or whatever reason we are called there for other services we provide.

Mold Remediation Atlanta GA has been around for decades! We aren’t a new bee on the line and we are so familiar with our job and the jobs we encounter. Whenever you need and may call we are always available to do a free estimate for you. We are happy at all times to enter you in the schedule and set up an appointment for one on one time work on your situation.

Important things that we have been informed about from our customers that our company does is:

  • Mold inspections
  • Mold testing
  • Water damage repair
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Removal
  • Friendly customer service
  • Proactive work
  • Quick on a last minute call
  • Clean up after ourselves well
  • Repair things to original state
  • Affordable money rates
  • Free estimates

What to Expect from Mold Removal Atlanta

We expect our mold specialists to be whole heartedly kind and respectful to the customers, and in return we expect the exact same from our customers to our employees. We treat everyone like family and that’s how you would treat your family. Nothing less than great.

Customers have told us how they love how we treat this whole business like a big family and like everyone has always been there. They love the kindness and hard working efforts put through on each situation. Mold Removal services that Atlanta provides are always kept up to date.

Mold inspection Atlanta happens at every single work site. The inspection happens to make sure that no mold is missed. Then a mold testing by Atlanta is done to determine how much mold is around and what the best way going about getting rid of it would be to go. We treat every mold encounter with great caution.

Mold clean up Atlanta is part of the Atlanta mold and cleaning removal process. There are steps we take to make sure everything is secluded and dust is removed. We make the mold as clean as we can so then when we get rid of it there is no chance of it being covered by any dirt that may be over it making it harder to get rid of.

After the mold is terminated, that’s when the Atlanta mold remediation process begins! The best part of all! This is when our workers help show you the remedy needed to keep the mold away so you don’t have to encounter this unfortunate experience again. Make sure you are listening when they tell you this information because it’s not only helpful in the situation you’re currently in, but can also be helpful for future positions you may be put in.

Atlanta Mold Remediation Services

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Mold inspection & Testing

This is usually the very first step of the process done is to check around your business or home to make sure they are aware of all the mold in the environment you are in. To not leave a spot untraced.

After the inspection process they will test the mold. The mold spores in the air, the surface sampling of mold, and just any kind of mold they are seeing and are aware of. The test will let them know how much mold is there and how intense the problem is or if it's a minor infestation.

spokane mold removal

Mold Remediation & Mold removal

After the testing the mold removal system begins. They do this in a very clean way. They remove any dust around and isolate the mold by itself so it has nothing else possible to hold onto. This process can take awhile depending on the circumstances of the mold.

After all the mold is removed and exterminated our workers will go through tricks to show you how to keep the mold away and little simple remedies that you can do for minor mold problems.

But be sure to give us a call about any mold you may have in the future going on so then we can let you know if it needs more caution taken towards it that would need calling for our help or if you can handle it.

About Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. Atlanta played an important part in the civil war and the civil rights movement. The sales tax rate is 8.8% and the income tax rate is 6.0%. Atlanta is known for its musical heritage, its southern hospitality and its sports teams! The population is 498,044.

The cities surrounding Atlanta are:

  • East Point, GA
  • Decatur, GA
  • North Druid Hills, GA
  • North Decatur, GA
  • Belvedere Park, GA
  • Druid Hills, GA
  • Panthersville, GA
  • Gresham Park, GA
  • Many other surrounding areas


I needed my carpet cleared out and fixed because of some bad water damage from our upstairs neighbor in our apartment. It was so nice because we were so quick to be on top of the water damage done that it only took a few days to resolve our issue! My family and I are so thankful for the patience and kindness shown to us in this annoying obstacle in life that was thrown at us that Mold Removal Atlanta handled with such grace! Thank you!

- Jackie F.

I had a lot of mold growing in my shower, but never realized that the pink stuff growing was mold, I just thought it meant I had an old tub. It took quite a few hours to get rid of the mold because I had so much in there, but they got the job done well and they took a lot of precautions to make sure I was safe and well while the professionals handled it. After fixing the mold they spent the time to give me a remedy plan to keep the mold away by having ventilation going in my bathroom so that the moisture wouldn’t be building up in there constantly. Thanks for your service!

- Bob J.

I was cleaning out my mother's attic and when I was I kept getting a really bad smell and found so much mold growing in every corner of her attic! I couldn’t even believe what I saw and couldn’t imagine how long it had been growing there! Atlanta Mold Removal Came within just an hour or so and started dealing with the problem immediately, they ran some tests to see if there was mold growing anywhere else and did their whole mold removal process. They were so professional and non judgmental throughout the whole thing and I appreciated it so much. They let us know to keep air circling through the attic that is fresh and to open the window as often as possible up there especially when the weather is good! Thanks for the tips!

- Ashley K.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test if mold is making you sick?

It's fairly simple but anything like allergies or a common cold are the signs that mold can give you. Ex: runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, coughing, wheezing, scratchy throat, headaches, sneezing, etc.

Are your employees certified?

Yes, we will not let any of our workers do a project or job until they are certified and have gone through all the classes necessary. Once they are certified, they will still shadow someone that has been in the business longer till they become a true professional themselves.

Does mold ever go away?

It can if all the proper steps are taken and no lacking. That’s why we have our workers give you remedies as to how to get rid of the mold completely and to keep it from growing back. All places need to be ventilated, and have sunlight coming in. Mold can not grow in those situations of natural things. That’s why you don’t find any mold growing outside, it is too fresh.

Does Servpro get rid of mold?

No, in fact it makes the situation worse with the mold, there are substances and chemicals in it that the mold feeds off of that helps it grow and intensify. It does the same thing with that as it does with clorox wipes. It's a big fat no on using those items to get rid of mold.

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